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[ 17.07.2014 ] - Daniela Lazarova

Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka on Thursday met with the Minister For Human Rights and Minorities Jiří Dienstbier to discuss problems and priorities in the given portfolio. He praised the minister’s strategy in fighting social exclusion and integrating the Roma minority. Minister Dienstbier is pushing ahead with plans to establish social housing and is currently working on a bill that would increase the powers of the Ombudsman..
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[ 23.06.2014 ] - Jan Richter

The state support for Romany students at Czech secondary schools last year reached 5.6 million crowns, the news agency ČTK said on Monday citing the government’s report on the state of minorities in the country. In 2012, the support amounted to nearly 8 million crowns. Around 740 disadvantaged students received the support last year in the form of contributions for travel expenses, lunches and school equipment..
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[ 16.06.2014 ] - Jan Richter

A 17-year-old girl from Slovakia won the Miss Roma 2014 beauty pageant held in the eastern Czech town Hodonín on Saturday night, the news website reported. Romany girls from Slovakia also finished on second and third place. The contest included a czardas dance which the jury said played a big role in evaluating the finalists.
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[ 29.05.2014 ] - Ian Willoughby

Children from the Roma minority represent 28 percent of the pupils at schools for those with learning difficulties, according to a survey carried out for the national school inspectors’ body. Deputy Education Minister Jindřich Fryč presented the results of the study at an international conference about Romany education in Prague on Thursday. Responding to the figures, the minister for human rights, Jiří Dienstbier, told the Czech News Agency that the Czech Republic was failing when it came to inclusive education..
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[ 12.05.2014 ] - Jan Richter

Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka on Saturday commemorated Romany victims of the Holocaust at the site of the former concentration camp in Lety, in southern Bohemia. Mr Sobotka said his government would not release funds necessary to remove a pig farm, established at the site in the 1970s, and suggested the money be instead used for the education of Romany children. Some 1,300 Czech Romanies passed through the camp between 1940 and 1943; round 330 of them died there, while another 500 were deported to the Auschwitz extermination camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.. .
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[ 05.05.2014 ] - Chris Johnstone

Mayors from 18 local councils in the north of the Czech Republic bordering Germany have sent a letter to the prime minister drawing his attention to the tinder box situation in the area, the daily Lidové Noviny reported on Monday. The deprived Šluknov area was the scene of demonstrations by extreme right wing groups and ethnic tensions with the local Roma community three years ago. Since then, mayors say little has changed in terms of creating jobs or opportunities or increasing local police numbers and council budgets.
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Ambassador Norman Eisen and Marie Gailová (Photo: Embassy of the United States) Good morning and Happy International Day of Roma! Lačho džives u bachtalo tumaro Maškarthemutno Romano džives!
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[ 08.04.2014 ] - Daniela Lazarova

Representatives of the country’s Olah Romanies elected a new king in the town of Hradec Králové on Saturday. Their new monarch is to be fifty-two-year- old entrepreneur Robert Beneš from Brno. Although Benes was elected by Olah representatives from dozens of towns and cities, he may not be accepted by all Olah Romanies.
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