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[ 17.04.2015 ] - Dominik Jůn

Petr Torák, photo: Jiří Hošek Petr Torák, a Czech Roma who moved to the UK in 1999, is to be honoured with an OBE for his outstanding work as a police officer. Torák, who was targeted by neo-Nazis in the Czech Republic, has been making headlines for many years for his remarkable commitment to public service.
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[ 09.04.2015 ] - Press release

To mark the International Roma Day, the U.S. Embassy in Prague is pleased to announce a special competition to provide support for Roma inclusion in the Czech Republic.
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[ 08.04.2015 ] - Press release

International Roma Day (Photo: Jana Šustová) On the occasion of April 8th, which marks International Roma Day, seven ambassadors to the Czech Republic signed the attached joint statement supporting the Roma community in the Czech Republic. The ambassadors stress that it is a day for celebrating Romani culture and heritage; it is, however, also a day to remember that Roma, a group of people that are often relegated to the fringes of society, still face discrimination throughout the continent.
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[ 09.03.2015 ] - Ruth Frankova

Czechs are less inclined to favour Arabs, Romanies and Albanians, suggests a new poll conducted by the CVVM agency, focusing on Czechs’ perception of 17 foreign nationalities living in the country. Slovaks have traditionally been regarded as the most popular foreigners in the Czech Republic, with 84 percent of respondents appreciating their eastern neighbours. And despite a slight drop in sympathies, Greeks and Jews remain among the five best perceived foreign nationalities living in the Czech Republic, along with Slovaks, Germans and Hungarians.
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[ 24.02.2015 ] - Ian Willoughby

Cesta Ven (The Way Out) took the Czech Lion award for Best Film at a ceremony in Prague on Saturday night. The drama – which sold only 4,000 tickets at the box office – also saw Petr Václav pick up the Best Director gong and the previously unknown Klaudia Dudová win Best Actress for her portrayal of a Roma woman trying to keep her head above water. The Czech Lion for Best Actor went to Ivan Trojan for his part in Díra u Hanušovic (Nowhere in Moravia).
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[ 23.02.2015 ] - Jan Velinger

The government on Monday backed a new strategic plan on Roma integration to 2020 with the aims of improving education, housing, employment, and security. The Minister for Human Rights Jiří Dienstbier released details of the plan in the face of worsening conditions in recent years: around one-third of the country’s Roma, 80,000, live in ghettos, the Czech News Agency said. In 2007 there were around 300 such areas; according to experts, the number has grown by as much as a hundred since..
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[ 17.02.2015 ] - Jan Velinger

Two Czech right-wing extremists, 24-year-old Tomáš Kopecký and 34-year-old Michal Poláček (in 2012, allegedly members of the neo-Nazi organization Blood & Honour Division Bohemia and the militant grouping Combat 18) could face exemplary sentences for an attack on a hostel occupied by Roma residents. The two appeared in court on Monday on charges of attempted murder. Seven others are also facing charges in connection with the case, for the propagation of movements supressing individual rights and freedoms.
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[ 16.02.2015 ] - Chris Johnstone

The Czech Republic is losing the fight against ghettos and concentrations of poverty in the country according to a report submitted to the government on Wednesday. The report said that a series of steps agreed four years had not had the desired effect countering social exclusion, according to the ČTK news agency. It has been estimated that there are around 400 ghettos in the country containing around 80,000 people.
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