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05.10.2015 Over one hundred people join Roma Pride march in Prague
24.09.2015 Minister Dienstbier to discuss social exclusion with mayors
14.09.2015 Decade of Roma inclusion fails to prevent segregation
08.09.2015 Segregated Roma classes at Czech school spark criticism
03.09.2015 EDUin’s Bob Kartous: inclusive education in the Czech Republic still facing plenty of hurdles
14.08.2015 Real estate agent ordered to apologise to Czech Romany
08.07.2015 US State Department: Czech Republic still discriminating against Roma minority
05.06.2015 Council of Europe secretary general on visit to Prague
28.05.2015 Number of ghettos up as poor move away from urban centres
23.04.2015 Amnesty International: Czech schools discriminate and segregate Roma children
20.04.2015 Czech Roma police officer to receive Order of the British Empire
17.04.2015 Czech Roma to receive OBE from Queen Elizabeth II
09.04.2015 Roma Inclusion Special Grant Competition
08.04.2015 Joint Embassies’ Statement for International Roma Day
09.03.2015 Poll suggests Czechs less inclined to favour Romanies, Russians and Arabs
24.02.2015 Roma drama Cesta Ven (The Way Out) biggest winner at Czech Lions
23.02.2015 Government backs Roma integration plan to 2020
17.02.2015 Two Czech radicals face potentially tough sentences if found guilty of firebombing
16.02.2015 Measures to combat ghettos not succeeding
12.02.2015 Report paints grim picture on Czech social exclusion, education reform seen as main hope
31.01.2015 Paul Polansky and the Lety Roma camp: Part 2
30.01.2015 Paul Polansky and the Lety Roma camp: Part 1
26.01.2015 Supreme Court upholds ruling against assailants in machete attack
11.12.2014 Government struggles to protect human rights, says minister
05.12.2014 Six receive suspended sentences for roles in Máj unrest
25.11.2014 Social Democrat leadership up in arms over local government coalition with ultra-right party
25.11.2014 Political commentator Jiří Pehe: Duchcov coalition could seriously damage the Social Democrats
23.11.2014 Singer Ida Kelarová finds inspiration in her Romany roots
22.11.2014 Irena Eliášová: a song to raise your spirits
13.11.2014 Singer Ida Kelarová: Getting my Romany children’s choir on stage in the Rudolfinum is a dream come true

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